Thursday, May 3, 2012

Terry Ayers - Love Music LP

         Welcome to my blog.  I always told myself I would start one, so here it is.  Hoping to continue to post records, not sure how often.  And as far as genres, well, all over the place. Who knows.

         Here is a interesting soft rock gem from Oklahoma City, Terry Ayers' "Love Music." This record is a bit all over the place, which makes it a hard listen all the way through, but its worth a listen nonetheless. When I first purchased it, I considered it a bone. When I put it on, "The Proposal" made me turn it off right away and leave it sitting on a shelf. Finally, I gave it another chance (with a cover that beautiful I just had to).  This time, starting from the B-side,  "Nobody Loves A Loser" had me sold. Check it out.

Terry Ayers - Love Music
1.  The Proposal
2.  Mystic Lady
3.  Flowers Bloom In Spring
4.  Roll My Blues Away
5.  Raggedy Anne
6.  Nobody Loves A Loser
7.  Goodbye With A Smile
8.  Oklahoma Sunshine
9.  Faded Gull
10.  Forever And A Day

Terry Ayers

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