Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alan J. Whitfield - I Don't Know Why (1996)

     Just got this fresh in the mail, strangely still sitting (new?) on the shelves of some online distro.  I have had a compilation CD-R of Alan's work, which a friend gave me a few years back.  I was surprised to find that this one was not included on the compilation of his other EP's.  I Believe that Alan J Whitfield put his first EP "Alone" out in 1990 and made about six more after that.  This EP as well as all of his others seem to follow a bedroom synthpop style which works perfectly throughout every release.  Hopefully you will have as much fun with this one as I do.

Fools Game,

Alan J. Whitfield - I Don't Know Why (1991)
1.  I Don't Know Why
2.  Wings Of A Dove
3.  Fast Cars
4.  New Dimension

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sequencer People - 1 / Live At Roscoe Louie (1982)

      Here is a second release featuring Roland Barker.  Roland Barker and James Husted both play "Electronics" on this release.  It's as equally minimal synth-oriented as his other project.  This release has 4 tracks, but the 3 tracks on the A side have no audio gaps so they have been recorded as a single track.  Guaranteed to be enjoyed.

Sequencer People -1 / Live At Roscoe Louie (1982)
1.  Distant View
2.  At The Beach
3.  Police Story
4.  Somebody Different

At The Beach,

Roland Barker - The Eternal Optimist (1982)

   Here is the first of two Roland Barker projects.  This 1982 cassette is from Engram Records and Tapes, out of Seattle, Washington.  A great listen for fans of minimal synth.  On this release, Roland Barker played synthesizers and did programming, while Ion Barker played guitar and bass.

Roland Barker - The Eternal Optimist (1982)
1.  The Eternal Optomist
2.  Ticket To Hell
3.  The Cat
4.  Men In Motion
5.  Pattern

The Cat,

Monday, May 21, 2012

Denny Guy - Denny Guy (1972)

    Today we have a nice folk/folk rock LP by Hawaii's Denny Guy.  Solid all the way through with loner undertones on tracks throughout.  Promised not to disappoint.

Have Fun,

Denny Guy - Denny Guy (1972)
1.  Say You'll Be With Me
2.  Loveley Lady
3.  Cane Man
4.  Marching Song
5.  The Trouble Maker
6.  The Mill
7.  Hypersensitive Jester
8.  Little Old Man
9.  Reflections Of A Small Town
10.  My Lai Lad
11.  Country Ballad

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Personal Effects - This Is It (1984)

     Here is some new wave/post-punk fun from Rochester, New York.  Personal Effects make great use of organ, sax, and beautiful female vocals, basically ready for your ears.  It's very romantic and haunting at points, and enjoyable all the way through.   Male vocals on "What's the Attraction," my favorite track on this LP, work perfectly.  An amazing cover of "End of the World," organ backing and as dark as it should be.  In short, download and enjoy.
     Support the band and order their collection CD via their website.  There are videos of them playing, as well as their pre-Personal Effects band, The High Techs, on the site.


Personal Effects - This Is It (1984)
1.  I Had Everything
2.  No One Can Get To You
3.  Bring Out The Jazz
4.  X-Melody
5.  Fascinating Game
6.  End Of The World
7.  Drifting Apart
8.  What's The Attraction
9.  Security
10.  A Mess
11. Porch
12.  This Is It

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Erratic - I Wrecked Myself (1980)

    And now for some classic KBD style punk.  This record was given to me by my dad when I was a teenager.  He had no idea what or who it was and gave it to me to test the 45 speed on my record player. I instantly fell in love with the comedic elements of Ten Minutes With Me and its almost rockabilly tinge.  It took me years to figure out who the band even was due to the unmarked test press label on it.  Finally found it on collector scum, probably where I should have started my search.  Turns out its from Canoga Park, very close to where I  grew up.  Well, enough about me, here ya go, as promised Erratic's EP from 1980.


Erratic - I Wrecked Myself (1980)
1.   I Wrecked Myself
2.   Ten Minutes With Me & Your Problems Are Solved
3.   Just A Babblin On

John Orsi - Can You Draw Attention (1983)

    Another record found on a road trip, a beautiful 2 EP pack from John Orsi, released through Lilith records in 1983.  The track "Roughs" has a minimal aesthetic mixed with female vocals that's strangely beautiful.  "Where Do the Actors Hide Keeps" maintains the minimal style with male vocals.  The other two songs seem completely different with a faster pace--"Can You Draw Attention" having a more upbeat almost punk sound and "Noisy Data" being more along the sound of new wave, as well as the cheesiest song of the bunch.  Would love to hear some more music by John Orsi if anyone has any.

Have a listen,

John Orsi - Can You Draw Attention  (1983)
1.  Can You Draw Attention
2.  Noisy Data
3.  Roughs
4.  Where Do the Actors Hide

Peter Catham - A Man's Mouth (1987)

    Here is a strange one I found on a road trip, Peter Catham's A Man's Mouth.  Bizarre synth jams aplenty.  Everything is done by Peter Catham, with Christopher Grace helping in production and the cover artwork.  I tried contacting the artist a while back and never had much luck.  The record was put out on Permission Records in 1987 and remains a mystery to me.


Peter Catham - A Man's Mouth (1987)
1.  (But Meanwhile in Another Part Of The World
2.  All Six Ps
3.  All Whores
4.  Comedy
5.  One Morning, Some Afternoons, Most Nights
6.  Percussion of Two Bodies
7.  Charismatic or Asshole
8.  (Think) Now He's A Father
9.  Beet Pasta
10.  Playing the Beard for Harry & Loise
11.  Using God Like Ketchup
12.  Oops I'm An Indian

Monday, May 7, 2012

Buddy Holocaust - Live 1981 Dartmouth College

       Here is one of my favorite nihilistic cassettes, and the rumors that follow this recording only push the intensity of these songs.  As the story goes (which does remain under skepticism)  Bill Tate, aka Buddy Holocaust, played one dinner theatre program at Dartmouth College, sporting military uniform.  This cassette is a recording of that performance.  The seriousness of this performance is still unknown. Shortly after it is said that he dropped out of Dartmouth and drove home, peddling his tape along the way and throughout Southern California.  He later died driving his car off of a bridge, an apparent suicide.
      I remember playing the song "We Need Another Kent State" to my high school English class for a discussion on protest and anti-protest music.  Needless to say, after telling the story of Bill Tate, many of the students class gave me strange glances and didn't speak to me much for a week or two, but my teacher loved it.
      But enough about awkward high school stories.  I got this off soulseek long ago there is no artwork to be had with it. This recording has always been a strange love of mine, and hopefully you will enjoy it too.


Buddy Holocaust - Live 1981 Dartmouth College
1.  We Need Another Kent State
2.  Give me your love, or I'll destroy the world
3.  We will retake Saigon
4.  Concrete and steel
5.  We have our reasons
6.  Laura
7.  Chip and claire
8.  Kindness and violence
9.  And declared war on violence
10.  Forced to kill on PCP
11.  Hiroshima
12.  Fight kill die love
13.  It's good to see you again
14.  World Without Moscow
15.  Those who play
16.  He wants to save us from ourselves
17.  The grunt
18.  Judy 
19.  Kill for your dreams
20.  Coathanger blues 
21.  I guess that showed us
22.  These morons have to go
23.  And I haven't decided
24.  Stop all military aid

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Record Players - Double C Side (1978)

    One of three Record Player's EPs which I will be posting here.  Every one of them is a classic.  This record was released on Wrecked Records out of the UK.  I've heard there is a tape out there as well but have yet to hear it.  If anyone has any information on it I'd love to find out more.

Don't go backwards,

Record Players - Double C Side (1978)
1.  M.O.R.
2.  Don't Go Backwards
3.  Wrong Song
4.  Ignore Us

The Spunky Onions meet The Ghetto Berries (1979)

    You may know the A-side of this release, "How I Lost My Virginity,  from a Messthetics 2.  That's where I first heard it and fell in love.  After searching for some time I finally found a copy, and there was no disappointment on the B-side.  It is great as well.  Not much is known on this release, but supposedly both bands had the same members.  A guaranteed party in every song.


The Spunky Onions meet The Ghetto Berries (1979)
1.  Spunky Onions - How I Lost My Virginity
2.  Ghetto Berries - The secret life of Napolean solo
3.  Ghetto Berries - Spunky Express

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Penguins - California Lifestyle and Plastic Cure (1981)

    Now we have some Bay Area new wave/synth punk.  Don't let the saxophones on the cover fool you--this one is a lot of fun, especially the song "Plastic Cure" on the B-side.  I don't have much information on this band except it was put out on Donkey Records in 1981.  Any more info would be greatly appreciated.


Penguins - California Lifestyle and Plastic Cure (1981)
1.  California Lifestyle
2.  Plastic Cure

jj-180 - ST (1978)

      Here is a Santa Cruz punk classic and considered Santa Cruz's first punk band.  They were known as The Realtors for a short period before a lawsuit from the National Association of Realtors.  Here is their first EP, before they changed their name and changed it back.

Have fun,

jj-180 - ST (1978)
1.  Out To Lunch
2.  Long Dark Hall

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Terry Ayers - Love Music LP

         Welcome to my blog.  I always told myself I would start one, so here it is.  Hoping to continue to post records, not sure how often.  And as far as genres, well, all over the place. Who knows.

         Here is a interesting soft rock gem from Oklahoma City, Terry Ayers' "Love Music." This record is a bit all over the place, which makes it a hard listen all the way through, but its worth a listen nonetheless. When I first purchased it, I considered it a bone. When I put it on, "The Proposal" made me turn it off right away and leave it sitting on a shelf. Finally, I gave it another chance (with a cover that beautiful I just had to).  This time, starting from the B-side,  "Nobody Loves A Loser" had me sold. Check it out.

Terry Ayers - Love Music
1.  The Proposal
2.  Mystic Lady
3.  Flowers Bloom In Spring
4.  Roll My Blues Away
5.  Raggedy Anne
6.  Nobody Loves A Loser
7.  Goodbye With A Smile
8.  Oklahoma Sunshine
9.  Faded Gull
10.  Forever And A Day

Terry Ayers