Monday, May 21, 2012

Denny Guy - Denny Guy (1972)

    Today we have a nice folk/folk rock LP by Hawaii's Denny Guy.  Solid all the way through with loner undertones on tracks throughout.  Promised not to disappoint.

Have Fun,

Denny Guy - Denny Guy (1972)
1.  Say You'll Be With Me
2.  Loveley Lady
3.  Cane Man
4.  Marching Song
5.  The Trouble Maker
6.  The Mill
7.  Hypersensitive Jester
8.  Little Old Man
9.  Reflections Of A Small Town
10.  My Lai Lad
11.  Country Ballad


  1. I haven't even heard these tunes for 30 years.
    Lee Julien

  2. Denny Guy is my dad! So awesome to see his album featured here!

  3. Ashley please contact us Russian music lovers. We need any info on your dad - there is nothing in the internet.

  4. Oh i forget. Im listening to his lp now.

  5. Oh i forget. Im listening to his lp now.

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