Saturday, May 12, 2012

Peter Catham - A Man's Mouth (1987)

    Here is a strange one I found on a road trip, Peter Catham's A Man's Mouth.  Bizarre synth jams aplenty.  Everything is done by Peter Catham, with Christopher Grace helping in production and the cover artwork.  I tried contacting the artist a while back and never had much luck.  The record was put out on Permission Records in 1987 and remains a mystery to me.


Peter Catham - A Man's Mouth (1987)
1.  (But Meanwhile in Another Part Of The World
2.  All Six Ps
3.  All Whores
4.  Comedy
5.  One Morning, Some Afternoons, Most Nights
6.  Percussion of Two Bodies
7.  Charismatic or Asshole
8.  (Think) Now He's A Father
9.  Beet Pasta
10.  Playing the Beard for Harry & Loise
11.  Using God Like Ketchup
12.  Oops I'm An Indian


  1. Hi there - nice blog! I'm hoping to contact Peter Catham about reissuing this album - do you have any contact details from the record sleeve that you could email me please? My address is Many thanks!

    1. I don't have the record in front of me at the moment, but I believe there is only an address listed on it, I even sent a letter to it maybe 5 years ago but never heard back. Ill recheck when i get home and shoot you an email.