Saturday, May 12, 2012

John Orsi - Can You Draw Attention (1983)

    Another record found on a road trip, a beautiful 2 EP pack from John Orsi, released through Lilith records in 1983.  The track "Roughs" has a minimal aesthetic mixed with female vocals that's strangely beautiful.  "Where Do the Actors Hide Keeps" maintains the minimal style with male vocals.  The other two songs seem completely different with a faster pace--"Can You Draw Attention" having a more upbeat almost punk sound and "Noisy Data" being more along the sound of new wave, as well as the cheesiest song of the bunch.  Would love to hear some more music by John Orsi if anyone has any.

Have a listen,

John Orsi - Can You Draw Attention  (1983)
1.  Can You Draw Attention
2.  Noisy Data
3.  Roughs
4.  Where Do the Actors Hide

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