Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Atile - Atila (1981)

     Last but not least we have Atila, an LA art-punk snotfest. A bit all over the place but tons of fun.  Atila released 2 EPs and 2 LPs, three of them released in 1981, not sure about the fourth.  The song Chineese seems to fit in more with his International Sandwich LP, a somewhat questionable release.  This EP came out with individually drawn covers, all with simple yet strange drawings.


 Atile - Atila (1981)
1.  Would Be Mothers
2.  Chineese
3.  TV
4.  Iron Curtain
5.  Discipline

Greg Vandike - All Of The Girls (1979)

     Up next is Greg Vandike's EP All Of The Girls off Cloned Records in 1979,  a classy synth pop gem, two tracks of upbeat synth jams.  This EP was released twice, this one and one released on United Artists titled Clone.  Well if you haven't heard of Greg Vandike before, he was a UK artist that recorded most of his material between 1979 and 1982 as well as a CD that came out in 1991(old material?).   Who can say no to a love songs and track about clones?

You're My Clone,

Greg Vandike - All Of The Girls (1979)
1.  All Of The Girls
2.  Clone

Alisa - I Want To Be A Prostitute (1982)

      Guess im a bit late this late with my posts from the week, I've been trying to get new stuff up on sundays but the day seems to go by so fast.  Well only 24 hours late here we go.....
      This one is a strange yet fun one, I first heard only the title track I Want To Be A Prostitute a while back and needed to find and hear the rest.  The headline being a strangely upbeat track about being a prostitute.  Well the rest of the album did not disappointment, a tongue in cheek(?) EP with vocals similar to the Anemic Boyfriends when they no longer needed a fake ID.

have fun,

Alisa - I Want To Be A Prostitute (1982)
1.   I Want To Be A Prostitute
2.  I Want An Ape
3.  Animals Get Used For Meat

Monday, June 11, 2012

Disturbed - I Don't Believe (1979)

Here we have another UK punk masterpiece, Disturbed with their EP I Don't Believe.  Both tracks simply spectacular, up beat female vocals, snotty undertones and angst driven guitar lines.  Put out on Parole records in 1979.


Disturbed - I Don't Believe (1979)
1.  I Don't Believe
2.  Betrayed

False Idols - False Idols (1979)

      I'm posting a bit late today but I've come with goodies.  The first of today is the UK DIY band False Idols with their self titled EP.  In a span of three songs this band manages to lack any plan and every track is oddly different from the last, but the classic DIY UK sound shows up throughout.  This release starts out with a standard shredding punk jam, followed by laid back glam inspired piano tune, and ending with the face melting H Brain.  A guaranteed classic from the first drop of the needle.

Have Fun,

False Idols - ST (1979)
1.  Broken Judy
2.  Marbled Hands'
3.  H Brain

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Various Artists - The Apprentices Dance (1981)

     The offering today is a great compilation by the name of The Apprentices Dance  by Small Operations and distributed by Sounds Interesting Records in 1981.  The Album showcases seven different bands from the area of  Poole Dorset UK: Tours, Contacts, Surfin Dave, Da Biz, Paul Chambers, Hollows and Cava Cava.  Each band with a different sound from surf to punk and powerpop to new wave.  The album was released exclusively in the US, making it much more difficult to actually get your hands on if you were a living in Poole.

      If you enjoy the music support the bands.  I know that Paul Chambers has a release called Stations / Absorptions on Anna Logue Records.  Also Tours put out a compilation CD in 2010 entitled Album Of The Year...(That Never Was), you can check it out on Cherry Red.

Various Artists - The Apprentices Dance (1981)
1.  Tours - Language School
2.  Tours - Foreign Girls
3.  Contacts - Young Girls
4.  Contacts - Girlfriend
5.  Surfin Dave - Stateside Centre
6.  Surfin Dave - Livin White Hell
7.  Da Biz - On The Beach
8.  Da Biz - There Is No Audition
9.  Paul Chambers - Steering Solo
10.  Paul Chambers - The Visitor
11.  Hollows - The Visitor
12.  Hollows - Hollow Man
13.  Cava Cava - Chinese Voices
14.  Cava Cava A Man In Sorrow

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Record Players - Money Worries / Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right (1981)

      Here is The Record Players third EP from 1981, again off of Wreckord out of the UK.  A bit different from their first 2 EPs but still great.  I will be posting their second EP sometime soon.  Great tracks from a great band.


The Record Players - Money Worries / Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right (1981)
1.  Money Worries
2.  Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right

Bi-Nostalgia - Art Is Not Much (1988)

     Today we have Bi-Nostalgia's cassette, Art Is Not Much, put out on The League of the Gloomers in 1988 out of Italy.  A mellow New Wave  release thats a rather enjoyable listen while being strangely unobtrusive.  This release is covered in melodic guitar, moody synthesizers and wimpy drum machines, a guaranteed pleaser.  Throw on Le Statue D'acqua before bed, its new age charm will put you in just the right mood.


Bi-Nostalgia - Art Is Not Much (1988)
1.  Shadowland
2.  Half Souls
3.  Essentuki
4.  The Love Box
5.  In My Beat Time
6.  Art Is Not Much
7.  Seekers Of The Truth
8.  Le Statue D'accqua