Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alan J. Whitfield - I Don't Know Why (1996)

     Just got this fresh in the mail, strangely still sitting (new?) on the shelves of some online distro.  I have had a compilation CD-R of Alan's work, which a friend gave me a few years back.  I was surprised to find that this one was not included on the compilation of his other EP's.  I Believe that Alan J Whitfield put his first EP "Alone" out in 1990 and made about six more after that.  This EP as well as all of his others seem to follow a bedroom synthpop style which works perfectly throughout every release.  Hopefully you will have as much fun with this one as I do.

Fools Game,

Alan J. Whitfield - I Don't Know Why (1991)
1.  I Don't Know Why
2.  Wings Of A Dove
3.  Fast Cars
4.  New Dimension


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