Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Personal Effects - This Is It (1984)

     Here is some new wave/post-punk fun from Rochester, New York.  Personal Effects make great use of organ, sax, and beautiful female vocals, basically ready for your ears.  It's very romantic and haunting at points, and enjoyable all the way through.   Male vocals on "What's the Attraction," my favorite track on this LP, work perfectly.  An amazing cover of "End of the World," organ backing and as dark as it should be.  In short, download and enjoy.
     Support the band and order their collection CD via their website.  There are videos of them playing, as well as their pre-Personal Effects band, The High Techs, on the site.


Personal Effects - This Is It (1984)
1.  I Had Everything
2.  No One Can Get To You
3.  Bring Out The Jazz
4.  X-Melody
5.  Fascinating Game
6.  End Of The World
7.  Drifting Apart
8.  What's The Attraction
9.  Security
10.  A Mess
11. Porch
12.  This Is It

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