Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Happy Cadavers - With Illustrations (1982)

   I've got a few EPs for you today.  To start it off we have a Kugelberg Classic coming in a number 74.  If you haven't heard this before or its classic track "I Saw My Baby in the Meat Section" you are in for a treat.  Snotty KBD punk with tongue in cheek morbid lyrics, even some odd keyboards lines to keep you on the edge.  Angst ridden lyrics such as "Things are everywhere, What should I avoid? Don't ask me you idiot, I'm no Freud" will have everyone pleased.

Have fun,

The Happy Cadavers - With Illustrations (1982)
1.  Nothing New
2.  I Saw My Baby in the Meat Section
3.  Images
4.  Rigorous Mortis


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