Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mortal Men - Mortal Men

     Heres the last thing on this late night extravaganza. The Mortal Men cassette which was found in the KDVS music library. I posted this release on a very shortly run blog with my old roommate sans images. I finally went down to the station recently and shaped some pictures and thought it deserved a little more listeners. I'll post some of the original description here "Sacramento unknowns mid 80s art school type with keyboard to prove it…. Somewhat reminds me of the laughing apples first EP. Never seen another copy of this thing around, please comment if you have any information on this lost sacramento band. 'I'm not just playing garbage and labeling it as art.'"

I'm not crazy,

Mortal Men - Mortal Men
1.  I'm Not Crazy
2.  Everybody's Mind
3.  T.V. Song
4.  Fast Pace Life

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  1. Cool songs. I dont get how you keep trying these artist out and always suggest amazing songs from the courage of trying new artist.