Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chinas Comidas - Peasant/Slave Lover/Lover (1979)

     Its late Sunday night but there is music to be had.  Today we have Chinas Comidas out of Seattle Washington, an art punk band who somehow goes between anarcho and synth-punk style as well as doing poetry in 79.  The two sides of this EP are drastically different.  The first track Peasant/Slave has an anarcho style with some of the wimpiest drum machine sounding kick.  The second track, Lover/Lover, takes more of an SF art punk style with keyboards similar to Red Asphalt's sound.  The B-side, which Al Sharp takes part in, I have lumped into one track.  These tracks are spoken word poetry over synthesizer for one part and bass I believe for the second part.  The dark female vocals make this entire EP spectacular and a really enjoyable listen.  One last random fact, El Duce of the Mentors was an early drummer for the band prior to the formation of the Mentors.

Have Fun,

Chinas Comidas - Peasant/Slave Lover/Lover (1979)
1.  Peasant/Slave
2.  Lover/Lover
3.  the alternative vision of the Snake In The Sun
4.  Disease


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