Sunday, September 16, 2012

Surreal Estate - Curtain Call (1986)

      Three posts coming up today.  First we have Surreal Estate with their 12" EP out of the UK.  This release opens with the track Without which makes one thing you might be listening to the best of Sarah Records comp.  The whole EP is drenched with that Smiths-esque/Twee vibe in all the right ways.  Peppermint and Ivory Towers is the guaranteed heart breaker, with vocals at the end that would feel more at home in a post punk band.  But before it ends Curtain Call brings it all back to the Sarah vibes.


Surreal Estate - Curtain Call (1986)
1.   Without
2.  Peppermint and Ivory Towers
3.  Curtain Call


  1. This looks nice and different music. I hope its vocals would be as impressive as the music. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. I wrote all songs and sang on this recording before the days of internet etc.
    Me and bobby Carr who was a great guitar player got this band together.
    During a hot warm summer around the early 80s in Liverpool .
    We played several gigs in the city and will Sargent and les Patterson from the band echo and the bunnymen help in adding their musicianship to are first recording session that was put out on Probe records.
    We moved to London and recorded a Janice Long session and did some more recording Curtain call released on latharge records.
    We played lots of gigs in and around London and the south east before abandoning the band.
    John potter.