Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ruby And The Dreamers - A Right To Be Free (19??)

       Well its the new year and about time for me to put up a new post.  My new year's resolution is to be posting on here at least once a month. To start off this year I have a goodie I found at the goodwill just this week.  Ruby and The Dreamers with their album A Right To Be Free.  Stellar Gospel with funk tinges.  This was on Pavilion records and distributed by Century Custom out of Oakland California.  Ruby Shield's vocals on the opening track A Right To Be Free are simply beautiful.  Seconded by Willie Shields on Why I Shed Tears.  The album takes a turn with Go On and Move with some funky jams.  One more album coming up soon for today.

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Ruby And The Dreamers - A Right To Be Free (19??)
1.  A Right To Be Free
2.  I Can't Stand It
3.  Johnny And Mary
4.  Tell It Like It Is
5.  That's The Way It's Meant To Be
6.  Please
7.  Why I Shed Tears
8.  Go On And Move
9.  You've Got To Have Love

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  1. I just wish that romance of dots and dashes continue in this ay and keep speading their love for many years to come.