Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wheelz of Steel - Volume One (1982/3)

     So I realize I haven't been posting a lot due to work and school eating up most of my time so I thought I'd post something extra for this weekend.  A friend showed me this record awhile back, and its one of of my favorite things in my collection.  Wheelz of Steel was a Rock/Metal, band out of Wisconsin.  The band consisted of Raymond Markowski and Richard Markowski(twin brothers) and "T-R".  T-R was what they called their drum machine, something from the Roland TR series.  This LP is 8 tracks of amazingness, from songs about underage crushes becoming legal, being rock n roll leaders, and traveling through space.   Rumor has it that they used the name Wheelz of Steel because they were in wheelchairs.  At points this LP drifts off into an almost post-punk sound due to the drum machines and ripping guitar styles.  For fans of Hawkwind, Chrome and future metal.

If you choose to download one thing from this blog, this is it.

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Wheelz of Steel - Volume One (1982/3)
1.  Lady's 18
2.  Outerspace Man
3.  Soul Giver
4.  Cold People
5.  Why Me/Thrills
6.  Rocker
7.  Tortcher City
8.  Madman


  1. Thanks for this ripping rock'n'roll mayhem. The power sound rocked my socks off:). I'm also looking for overdeth's demos. Already have their killer album.

  2. THANK YOU!!! Total holy grail of noise metal. "Lady's 18" has been a favorite for a while now.

  3. If you know anyone involved with Wheelz of Steel, please contact me at permanentwax (at) gmail (dot) com