Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Spunky Onions meet The Ghetto Berries (1979)

    You may know the A-side of this release, "How I Lost My Virginity,  from a Messthetics 2.  That's where I first heard it and fell in love.  After searching for some time I finally found a copy, and there was no disappointment on the B-side.  It is great as well.  Not much is known on this release, but supposedly both bands had the same members.  A guaranteed party in every song.


The Spunky Onions meet The Ghetto Berries (1979)
1.  Spunky Onions - How I Lost My Virginity
2.  Ghetto Berries - The secret life of Napolean solo
3.  Ghetto Berries - Spunky Express

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  1. Yes it is indeed the same band. We cnever could agree on a name and went through scores of them. Still doing music to this day!
    Cheers, Mat Ducasse