Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sequencer People - 1 / Live At Roscoe Louie (1982)

      Here is a second release featuring Roland Barker.  Roland Barker and James Husted both play "Electronics" on this release.  It's as equally minimal synth-oriented as his other project.  This release has 4 tracks, but the 3 tracks on the A side have no audio gaps so they have been recorded as a single track.  Guaranteed to be enjoyed.

Sequencer People -1 / Live At Roscoe Louie (1982)
1.  Distant View
2.  At The Beach
3.  Police Story
4.  Somebody Different

At The Beach,


  1. Great tracks. Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Thanks for this (and the Barker solo CS too).

    Have you ever heard Husted's other project K7SS? He's hosting them for free download on his Soundcloud: