Friday, January 3, 2014

Kickstand - Kickstand (1994)

      I first heard this band off of the Woosh! comp of Little Teddy Recordings, and had little luck finding more of their stuff online.  There were a couple tracks hosted on different sites, but no reissue to be found, no full albums online.  The band is two sisters, Tammi & Torry Colichio, and Jeff Feuerzeig, director of Half Japanese: The Band That Would Be King and The Devil and Daniel Johnston.  Their brand of fem vocal indie pop-rock drenched with a Farfisa organ, Casio Keyboards, and rocking guitar, is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  Their cover version of Colossal Youth is a toe tapper not to be missed.  You'll enjoy it, promise.

Have fun,

Kickstand - Kickstand (1994)
01 How To Make A Girl Cry
02 My Reputation
03 Magic.mp3
04 Lullaby.mp3
05 Colossal Youth
06 I Rode In Saucers
07 Slingshot
08 Wish Upon A Star
09 Not Enough Memory
10 Whisper
11 Teenage Kicks
12 Full Moon
13 Spiral
14 Take The Highway
15 Spinning Top
16 Roller Rink
17 Once Around Town
18 Why Can't I
19 The Card Shuffle
20 Daydream
21 Get-Well Kiss
22 Tally Ho
23 Crumble


  1. you're back, I found your blog when it was stopped, thank you so much and happy 2014 (p.d. I add your blog to my fav's blogroll onto my little reopened blog for some old vhs and music called '3')
    cheers bro!

  2. Gorgeous album. I could listen to those keyboard swirls all day. Thanks for posting this rarity.


    For fans of, i dunno....the 90s hahaha


    For fans of, i dunno....the 90s hahaha

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