Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ralph Swickard & Kenneth Heller - Sermons of Saint Francis/Hymn of Creation/Labyrinth (1970)

     For our first post today I have a strange one I found on my last trip to Los Angeles.  An experimental LP featuring Ralph Swickard and Kenneth Heller.  Heller's piece is performed by Douglas Ischar on cello with tape accompaniment, a echo driven piece of sonic soundscapes.  Swickard's piece is narrated by William DuBay reading the sermons of st. francis over sound collage.  I think the story written on Dubay on the back of the record really adds to the story so here you go:

"William Dubay - a native of Long Beach, California - was ordained a Catholic priest in the order of Jesuits after completion of his studies at St. John's College, california, in 1960.  Following several years of parish work, Father DuBay  gained national attention in 1964 when, in writing to Pope Paul VI, he asked for the removal of Cardinal James Francis McIntyre, then Archbishop of Los Angeles, for his failure to offer moral leadership in the civil rights crisis.  After experiencing many ensuing difficulties, partly as a consequence of his rather unorthadox action, Father DuBay was eventually required to relinquish his priestly duties.  Resigning from the Priesthod in 1968, William DuBay is now married, the father of an infant son, and step-father to four older children."

     The back of the LP is filled with great information on all of the artists, although it still does not compare to the beautiful cover artwork on the other side.  Have fun with this one its a strange one but great if your a fan of the electronic music of the late 60's/early 70's.

Have fun,

Ralph Swickard & Kenneth Heller - Sermons of Saint Francis/Hymn of Creation/Labyrinth (1970)
1. Side A: 1.  Sermons of Saint Francis  2.  Hymn of Creation
2. Side B: 1.  Labyrinth


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